Saturday, August 11, 2012

Still on the hunt for the perfect crib.......better hurry up.......

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catch Up Time

Where to begin.  We finished class 10 and on Monday night will make up a class we missed while we were on vacation.  Our licensing agent came out and did our couples interview.  We also had someone come out to the house and do our cpr/first aide.  On Monday we had our home inspected by OLCR.  We are in compliance.  Our licensing agent has never had a couple do that on the first attempt.  Go us!  She (A) came out today and did her own inspection.....guess who couldn't find one of the fire extinguishers?  Yup that would be me.  Pretty embarrassing.  Finally found it behind the laundry basket.  Oops.

We are still waiting from someone from another state to send back some paperwork on us.  Guess this is just good preparation for our experiences to come.  I hear CPS isn't always timely. 

A is going to make some more calls and hopefully get it in on Monday at the latest.  She wants to get our things sent off to state next's possible we could have kids by the 21st.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Plus more in a month?

We have 5 PS-MAPP classes left.  We have most of our paper work turned in as well.  I still need to set up a time to have someone come teach us CPR/1st aide.  In two weeks our home inspector will come.  I know we need to get another tot lock and two fire extinguishers.  They aren't coming to white glove test our house but I feel like I have so much I need to do.  I know it's not true but that's how I feel.  I want/need to finish painting the trim in the babies new kids room.  I want to get the office changed over to a play area and paint it.  In a dream world I would have nearly the entire interior of the house painted.  I want to finish putting together my organize board.  Spray paint picture frames for the new room and spray paint some doors.

Today I am stuck in bed.  Every time I get up my whole world spins and I get sick or nearly sick.  Princess has been here to save the day a couple of times.  And as I type the kids are down stairs finishing up the lunches they made for themselves.  I have thought more than once about what I will do if this happens when our new ones get here.  I keep telling myself that I rarely get this sick so it's not something to concern myself with but when I try to get out of bed and have to catch myself on the wall I keep thinking about the possibility of a crack baby and no one here to help.  I guess me and the new kiddos can just cry together.  That's just part of being a mom sometimes.  When your kids get older it's something you don't think about much any more.

It is very possible and most likely that we will have our kids at the end of August.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Well that's wasn't all that bad

We had our interviews with our case worker today.  Since we were having it in our home I made some planned activites for the kids to try and keep them busy.  They did really well.

I had the case worker and another lady shadowing her follow me up to our room to do the interview.  I figured having them up there would keep the kids from answering questions for us again.  I sat on the egde of my bed facing the workers while they sat on our love set, all the while wringing my hands and trying to remind myself not to rub my ear (nervous habit, what can I say, it soothes me).  To sum it up, it wasn't bad at all.  She just asked some question refering to some paper work we filled out.  We finished up in thirty minutes and then on to J's turn.

We found out tonight that our worker A likes us as well.  She told us after she met us the first time she told her boss she just had to have our case.  That just thrills me.  I was just telling J that I wanted to be personable with her.  I figure if she is going to showing up at my home unannounced then we should be more than acquaintances.  I am trying to convince her that our neighborhood really rocks and she and her husband should stop looking and just move near us!

I don't know how much sense any of this made.  I am on a "our home interviews went great and A really likes us" high.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A thousand words

I shouldn't be doing this.  I shouldn't be sitting here looking at this screen.  What I should be doing is compiling finding a picture to submit with our paper work.  Do you know how hard it is to get a picture with every family member in it smiling in addition to getting the dog to look in the right direction?!  Nearly impossible.

I don't want to just settle for a picture.  I have one that I really like, all of the kids are smiling big smiles.  And it's not that J and I look mad there just isn't much of a no dog.  So I can't send in one without J and I not smiling because who wants to give people kids if they can't even smile with their own kids and the kids have to be smiling because who wants to give you kids if you don't make your own kids smile

All this being said they are going to get over kill because I know no other way.  I need a smiling pic of me and the husband, one of our house, one of the dog, a smiling picture of my babies and just to appear well rounded maybe a picture of the pet rock.

First thing on the list  for tomorrow: get a pet rock

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Because I am a stay at home mom I have the privilege of getting to be a part of field trips and such.  I love kids, am slightly a kid myself, so I think field trips rock!  Little Man's class took a trip to the zoo (not long after we made our decision to become foster parents) and I got to go along.  I had a group of Little Man, another boy and two girls.One of the girls I already knew from previous visits and I had heard about the other girl.  Little Man told me about her first day of school and things he mentioned made me wonder if she was in kinship foster care. 

I was so excited to get her in our group to have a chance to get to know her.  Boy did she talk my ear off.  I didn't have to ask her anything to find out her back story she just shared it all.  I had the hardest time not crying and keeping a straight face as she shared parts of her life.

Although I couldn't fix her life for her I felt blessed to be able to share a day with her, to give her an ear to listen to, a hand to hold and a neck to hug.  Not so excited about my arm being used as sweat rag over and over....

Hoping our paths will cross next school year.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just another step closer

This was what we did right before we left for vacation.  Every time I complete a set of paper work or finish another task I feel so excited!